Klay Thompson provided the exclamation point

 his game-winner delivering victory from the clutches of defeat

 But Wednesday’s 102-101 win over visiting Sacramento was a win for the vibes

 The Warriors’ culture was the star in this one

I think I can’t name one person in there who hasn’t shown the willingness to sacrifice thus far

Draymond Green said. “And I don’t see that changing

That doesn’t mean a guy isn’t going to be mad that he is coming out the game

We’re competitors. We want to play. But when it was all said and done

I’ve got my teammates’ back. I’m not going to be a distraction to this team

Last year, we had an awful team as far as chemistry goes

It was pathetic. But chemistry has been a strong suit here.” 

A Domantas Sabonis 21-footer from the top with 15.1 seconds left felt ominous.

 Sabonis, who Kevon Looney owned in the first round of the playoffs back in April

has been hesitant to shoot against the Warriors. But with the Kings down a point

he launched a jumper and it banked off the glass.

The Warriors trailed by one and this game looked as if it would be one of those learning losses. 

And that’s not all bad. Growing pains will be part of this journey.