New York Republican Takes Down 'Sad' George Santos With 1 Highly-Decorated Diss

Former Republican congressman Lee Zeldin ripped Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) over his “sad” scroll-length list of lies during a Fox Business Network interview on Wednesday.

Santos, who was assigned to two House committees this week, has been under fire for his affinity for lies and has so far refused to bow to calls for his resignation.

“And he did in fact win that Medal of Honor back in Vietnam, too. This is sad…,” said Zeldin after host Kennedy named off Santos’ “web of lies.”

“From what I’m hearing, there’s even more people upset and outraged who support him than the people who had voted against him and it’s certainly very genuine. He’s going to have an extremely difficult time not just in Washington, D.C…. but especially back home where there’s just cratering support by the day.”

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