Class 9th English/Hindi Medium Maths Paper

नोट यहां पर Δ को एंगल माना माना गया है

Note here Δ is taken as angle

1.multiple choice questions

1.Which of the following number is rational

(a) √23
(b) √225
(c) √3+2
(d) 1.101001000100001….

2.What is the degree of the polynomial 4x² – 3x + 7?
(a) 2
(b) 4
(c) –3
(d) 7

3.The coordinates of the origin are?
(a) 0,0
(b) 0,1
(c) –1,1
(d) 10, 10

4.What is the value of the equation x –2y – 4? (a) 0,2
(b) 2,0
(c) 4,0
(d) 1,1

5.The sum of three angles of a triangle is ………. ?
(a) 720°
(b) 360°
(c) 180°
(d) 90°

6.A quadrilateral whose four sides and angles are equal to each other is-
(a) rectangle
(b) rhombus
(b) parallelogram
(d) square

7.If a triangle and a parallelogram lie on the same base and between the same parallel lines, then the area of ​​the triangle is ………… of the area of ​​the parallelogram?
(a) quarter
(b) double
(c) equal
(d) half

8.The angle of a semicircle is…………. ?
(a) acute angle
(b) right angle
(c) obtuse angle
(d) straight angle

9.Find the volume of a sphere whose radius is 3 cm?
(a) 27π
(b) 36π
(c) 54π
(d) 72π

10.What is the probability of getting a prime number when a dice is thrown once?
(a) ½
(b) ⅔
(c) 0
(d) 1

2.Fill in the blanks—

1.Every irrational number is a ………. number.

2. The infinitesimal form of a linear equation in two variables has ………. solutions.

3.The largest chord of the fast is the ………….. of the fast.

4.If the sides of a triangle are a b and c, then by Heron’s formula, the area of ​​the triangle is………… 5.
5.The volume of a cone of same radius and height is ………… part of the volume of a cylinder.

3.Very short answer soul questions

1..Find 4 rational numbers between 3/5 and 4/5?

2.Find the zeroes of the polynomial p(x)-2x+1?

3.In which quadrant do the points (-2,4)(3,-1)(1,2) and (-3,-5) lie?

4.Find four different solutions of the equation x+2y=6?

5.Write any two postulates of Euclid?

6.Construct an angle of 90° at the initial point of a given ray.

7.Find the mode of the data 14,25,14,28,18,17,18,14,23,22,14,18? 4. If x-1 is a factor of 4x³+3x²-4x+k, then find the value of k?

8.The first question of Exercise 6.2 was not written due to a typing problem.

6..Question 1 of Exercise 7.1.

7.Show that each angle of an equilateral triangle is 60°.

8.The angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 3:5:9:13. Find all the angles in the quadrilateral?

10.P and Q are points on the sides DC and AD of a parallelogram ABCD respectively. Show that ar(APB) = ar(BQC).

11.Prove that equal chords of a circle subtend equal angles at the centre.

12.Find the area of ​​a triangle whose two sides are 18 cm and 10 cm and its perimeter is 42 cm.

13.Find the area of ​​a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB = 3 cm, BC = 4 cm, CD = 4 cm, DA = 5 cm and AC = 5 cm.

14.The dimensions of a match box are 4cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm. What will be the volume of a packet of 12 such boxes?

15.When a coin is tossed 1000 times, the following frequencies are obtained: Head: 455, Tail: 545. Calculate the probability of each event.

16.AD is a vertex perpendicular to an isosceles triangle ABC such that AB = AC. show that

(i) AD bisects the line segment BC.

(ii) AD bisects angle A.

17.Diagonal AC of a parallelogram ABCD bisects angle A. EXERCISE 8.1 Question 6.

(i) It also bisects ΔC.

(ii) ABCD is a rhombus.

18.Show that the two diagonals of a parallelogram divide it into four triangles of equal areas.

19.The curved surface area of ​​a right circular cylinder of height 14 cm is 88 cm 2 . Find the diameter of the base of the cylinder.

20.The following table gives the lifetimes of 400 neon lamps.

(i) Represent the given information with the help of a histogram.

(ii) How many lamps have a life span of more than 700 hours?

  1. ABC is a right angled triangle in which ΔA = 90°. Find ΔB and ΔC.
    Prove that a cyclic parallelogram is a rectangle.
  2. ABCD is a rhombus and P, Q, R and S are the mid-points of the sides AB, BC, CD and DA respectively. Show that quadrilateral PQRS is a rectangle.
    Find the area of ​​a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB = 3 cm, BC = 4 cm, CD = 4 cm, DA = 5 cm and AC = 5 cm.
  3. The diagonals AC and BD of a trapezium ABCD in which AB DC intersect each other at O. Show that ar (AOD) = ar (BOC).
    The slant height and base diameter of a dome of a conical base are 25 m and 14 m respectively. Find the cost of whitewashing its curved surface at the rate of ₹ 210 per 100 m².

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