Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Address Reaction to Danny Masterson Letters: “We Backing Casualties”

Days after the letters of help Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis composed looking for mercy in condemning for their That ’70s Show costar and Scientologist Danny Masterson were unveiled, they tended to the kickback their words caused.

Before Masterson was condemned to 30 years to life in jail following his conviction on two assault includes in Los Angeles, a few of his That ’70s Show castmates, including Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith, composed letters to the appointed authority that they trusted would influence condemning. The letters were first distributed by lawful issues correspondent Meghann Cuniff.

In them, Kutcher alludes to Masterson as a “good example” and “exceptionally legit,” adding, “he is among few individuals that I would trust to be separated from everyone else with my child and little girl,” whom he imparts to Kunis. Kunis’ letter noticed Masterson’s “remarkable person” and “enormous positive impact” on her.

Kunis and Kutcher made sense of their letters on the side of Masterson in a video presented on Instagram on Saturday. Kutcher said that Masterson’s family had mentioned that they think of them “to address the individual that we knew for a long time, so the appointed authority could bring that into full thought comparative with the condemning.”

That’s what kunis said “the letters were not composed to scrutinize the authenticity of the legal framework or the legitimacy of the jury’s decision,” adding, “We support casualties. We have gone about this generally through our responsibilities and will keep on doing as such from now on.”

Remarks on the Instagram video were shut, however the remarks segment on Kutcher’s new posts were loaded up with analysis of the letters, with many noticing the entertainer’s endeavors to battle sex dealing. The letters, Kutcher said, “were planned for the adjudicator to peruse, and not to subvert the declaration of the people in question, or to retraumatize them in any capacity. We could never believe should do that. Furthermore, we’re grieved in the event that that has occurred.” Added Kunis, “Our heart goes out to everyone who has at any point been a survivor of rape, sexual maltreatment, or assault.”

Masterson was sentenced after two preliminaries; the principal finished in a malfeasance with a stopped jury in November 2022. In the subsequent preliminary, Masterson was sentenced for assaulting two of the three ladies. Every one of Masterson’s informers were individuals from the Congregation of Scientology. Investigators asserted that the association helped conceal the charges, which the congregation has denied.

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